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Sockers at Work

Socks must be easy! Reality-check…YOU ARE WRONG!
You might not realize this but there is a surprisingly technical side to printing socks. What seems like an easy to design and manufacture apparel is a challenge? From the choice of printing inks, printing machinery, ensuring fabric features like antibacterial effect or quick-drying capability, there is a lot to think about and finalize before a sock arrives on this online space to be looked at and bought by you. Do you know that every pair of the sock will not offer the same degree of surface shock or temperature insulation?

Sock-making Meets Craftsmanship-like Approach: Socks-manship?
The world of socks can be bewildering. However, our in-house experts have the expertise that comes with some dedicated sock-searching!
We know that some socks have dedicated compression zones while others are more adept at complementing the silhouette of your feet. Some socks can promote better circulation but might not be the best bet when you plan to wear the same pair for a long day at work. The choices are mind-boggling but don't worry, we have you covered. Our stock designs ensure you get the best in comfortable socks with a delightful shopping experience and maverick prices. We don't boast of having the widest range of sock-types but we do have a blow-your-trumpet range of sock prints.
Watch this space as we put more out-there sock designs for which you don’t need to break the bank and still get the satisfaction of owning something truly exclusive!

A Team that Daydreams Endlessly and Still Gets the Job Done!
We don't believe in hiring outside talent, we remain driven by the energy our founding team brings to work every day! We are uniquely positioned as customized sock experts. Our sock personalization process has been curated with the best online practices in this segment. The interface has been simplified to customize and order on-the-go. Whether you want a handful of personalized socks for gifting this Holiday Season or want a bigger order processed within a strict corporate deadline, we will deliver. 

We don't believe in being fully Machine-Driven/All-Out Automation ‘Humanized Technology fueled by Passion’ Perhaps describes us BEST
We love human intervention! An American company, we found an idea, discovered a fashion and lifestyle niche that remains to be addressed comprehensively – socks. Our brand is based on the simple idea that socks are integral to feeling comfortable from within…a fact that directly affects your overall comfort levels. Our team is ready to overwhelm you with socks, unlike everything you have seen so far. 

When stuck, we don't revisit the Basics
We dig harder, dive deeper…run faster!
The philosophy of giving every pair of socks a personality, a sense of individuality separates us from other sock customization providers. We can custom print nearly any type/number of socks, pursuing a 100% customer satisfaction approach. Expect easy collaboration to ensure the sock print is at par with your expectations. The team includes graphic designers, fashion spotters, trend influencers, textile engineers and some curious interns who are never short of an opinion. Just like our workplace, our inventory is about creating happiness. Most of our socks carry this vibe. We want to put a smile on your face with our custom-made and stock-ready socks.