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Sock of the Month Club
Sock of the Month Club

Awe-sock: Sock Month of the Club
Keeping your feet snug and insulated, that is what socks are meant to do but there is something few folks realize – socks are meant for bigger things, their potential is huge…it just needs the right handling.
Smartly-chosen fabric forms an integral part of the promise to create beautiful socks, the other bit is about giving each pair an identity. Regular stuff just doesn’t make the cut when it comes to making socks more than a wardrobe must-have. You need Exclusive Socks…a pair that syncs with your lifestyle or attitude! 

Why Join This Exclusive Sock Club?
Get the most boutique sock experience
Get first-hand access to our latest designs
Maximum discounts across the inventory
Expect an amazing range of freebies
Maximum room to create artistically customized socks
Special space for sock club members for custom sock orders
Minimal subscription fee w/ Subscription Bandwidth for 3, 6 and 9 months
Get discount coupons and special season discounts delivered to your Inbox
Available for the entire family – men’s socks, women’s socks and socks for children
For every sock club order, we donate a pair to the underprivileged – easy way to be charitable! 

Our Promise: Amazing Socks @Incredible Prices with a Soul

SOCK CLUB WITH A PURPOSE : part of the sales proceeding ensure American-made socks are distributed free, every month
NO REPETITIONS : we don't repeat sock designs for this list of customers – expect maximum pampering
ONE PAIR FOR MAX. EXCLUSIVITY : each member gets only one pair of novelty socks that have no duplicates in the market
GIFT CERTIFICATE : rather than buying a pair of socks, buy this subscription and gift it
PREMIUM SOCKS : get the best of American knitting industry. Expect a premium sock experience

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