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To create a simpler shopping experience for you, we have standardized our inventory, ensuring that each of the Sock Types listed below is available in Small, Medium & Long size options.

3.5" Cuff Socks7" Cuff Crew Socks
11" Knee SocksTube Socks (Coming Soon)

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A Quick Guide on Standard Sock Types

Cuff Socks
Some socks talks about having a comfort cuff. This means the uppermost portion of the sock that grips the skin more gently is made ultra-soft, ensuring daylong comfort. However, a cuff sock is different! Cuff Socks refers to low-cut socks where the cuff is slightly visible, extending a bit above the ankle. Vibrantly printed cuff socks often use brighter colors or patterns in the cuff to stand out as a fashion accessory. 

Crew Socks
Finishing just below the calf, this is a very common sock option – often recommended for gifting purposes as most people find this sock length just about perfect! Highly recommended for folks who like to match their socks with the footwear. They usually

Cuff Crew Socks
Plush and casual, crew cuff socks are midway – their length is somewhere between cuff socks and crew socks. Expect some labels to describe cuff-crews as 3/4th crews or half-crew socks. Perfect for daily wear, cuff-crews meet all formal, casual and semi-formal dressing guidelines.

Knee Socks
Finishing just below the knee, these socks are often demanded as uniform socks or formal wear socks. However, we have added another dimension to these socks with more unconventional, funky prints. Knee high socks have formed a sub-culture of sorts in places like Japan and offer a big canvas for sock artists like us by offering more surface area for more elaborate prints.

Tube Socks
Narrow structured socks that don't use defined ankles or heel section. Most of them are knee-high and usually have ribbed designs around the knee area. Tube socks in plain, solid colors or with colorful stripes are very popular. Unisex in nature, usually retailed in one, fits-all size.

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