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Do you offer wholesale/bulk purchases? Do you process corporate/institutional orders?
Yes. We have a dedicated team for handling wholesale requirements. Such orders usually come from organizations that want personalized socks for promotional, branding or mass gifting purposes. We also undertake orders from institutions like colleges and schools.

Whose liability should I assume for Lost/Stolen packages?
We try our best to serve with the best in industry standards but sometimes, problems surfaces. The most common scenarios include:

  • If the product was delivered to your address but you found it missing upon opening the package, inform us immediately, preferably within the first 24 hours from the time of delivery. We usually launch an inquiry about any lost package. This includes our shipping department and the carrier trusted for delivering the shipment.
  • If the carrier takes the ownership of losing or misplacing the package, we will reship/reprocess your order without charging you. However, any lost or stolen packages that were properly delivered to the address entered at the time of ordering the product, does not create a liability for us. You will need to contact the shipment company and get details about misplacing the shipment. Our customer care team will help you, sharing details like the address input by you, the date of shipment, date of delivery, any tracking data available with us and the quickest way to contact the shipping company/carrier.
  • Similarly, we are not responsible for shipment that was delivered to a wrong address due to the inaccuracy of shipping address provided by the customer.

How does shipping work?
If you are shopping for our stock items, expect the dispatch to happen within 24-48 hours. Shipping for customized socks usually takes 7-10 business days. This is applicable for all national orders. International orders might take a bit longer. We don't offer any solution for discounting internationally applicable fees/taxes that are charged as a standard upon receipt of your package. Shipping times might vary during rush season, holidays, weekends, or any regional activity that can cause unexpected delays. Shipping happens with precision tracking facility. We like to use the best in first class mail services.

What are the standard shipping options & approximate costs for US orders?
We ship for free using standard US shipping on orders over $25

  • Standard Shipping costs around $3. The product is delivered within 5-7 business days
  • Priority Shipping costs around $7. The product is delivered within 3-4 business days
  • You can also opt for FedEx Overnight Shipping that costs about $35. 1 business day delivery

How do I track my order?
Once your order is ready for shipping, you will be notified via email. We will share a tracking number that helps you know where your order is located during the transit/shipping process

Are there any additional Levies, Duties or Taxes?
Buyers are responsible for paying any extra cost that includes taxes and other fees that are levied across different regions. These charges vary as per the destination and are beyond our control. Similarly, duties on shipped goods can vary a lot. Buyers cannot claim any duty fee for any type of return or refund processed.

Why do I see thin lines on my socks after a few washes?
Some of the custom-printed socks use ribbing along the leg area. This ensures a better, snug fit but it might induce very fine lines that are noticeable only upon close inspection. Plus, we prefer pre-stretching socks before printing on them. This further helps to ensure the printing outcome is more precise without line breaks. However, with the use of strong chemicals found in household and laundry detergents, some printing areas develop minuscule lines. However, this does not mean the socks are no longer durable or the color will fade – usually, our socks won't fade. However, all printed socks have a line on right & left side because socks are printed in a particular way. We do our best to make these thin lines even less noticeable, but yes, a few might be viewable on close inspection.

Do I get any warranty/guarantee on these socks?
We are very confident about the quality of our product. These are quality-checked, novelty socks, as durable and comfortable as any fashionable sock out there. To ensure remotest chances of any quality oversight are addressed, we have a 30 DAY No-Questions-Asked Return Policy for NON-CUSTOM UNWORN MERCHANDISE.

What is the accuracy of printed socks?
Our standard approach is to ensure a sock type and print for every mainstream size for men, women, and kids. These sizes are systematically listed in every product listing. Product images give you a rather accurate idea of the fit and feel of our socks. Using the best-in-industry digitalization tools, we create socks that are easy to view and interpret. Please understand that there might be some variations in colors and patterns as the production phase might induce a slightly different outcome. However, don't expect inaccurate designing or serious variations from the image shared with you. Slight size differences too should not be a matter of concern as a new pair of socks is most likely to take the shape of your feet’s contours. Some colors might seem more muted or brighter when you receive the sock order shipped to you. This too is not unique to our webstore. Any e-commerce portal selling lifestyle and fashion products clearly emphasizes on the fact that digital rendering of images sometimes falls short of creating the exact visual–feel assured that we try our best not to deviate from what you view on your desktop or mobile!

How to care for your socks?
We recommend turning the socks inside out before each wash cycle. Try not to use hot water. Always try not to dry your socks under direct sunlight. Drying in shaded areas is a good practice. If using the dryer, try tumble drying at a low setting. Don't bleach, dry clean or use abrasive cleaners. Try fabric softeners that are surely compatible for the sock fabric.

What type of fabrics do you use for stock and custom-made socks?
We prefer polyester composition for odor-free, quick-drying and durable performance.
Color-fast polyester socks carry our novelty prints beautifully.

Polyester is known for its high-strength and hydrophobic properties, which makes it an absolute choice of material when manufacturing premium socks. Its quick drying properties make this synthetic fiber an exceptional material for high-performance sport socks. Polyester can wick moisture away from the skin.

Other Materials
Lycra-polyester blends have also been employed in some categories. Some socks will have 100% polyester top but the foot of the sock (non-printed section) can be cotton.

How can I be a part of the sock customization process?
Our sock specialists will reach out after you have raised a product related query via email or contact number. Emailing us at mail@designasock.com is perhaps the easiest way to understand how we can make this process more enjoyable, ensuring seamless collaboration without boundaries.

How long does it take to deliver a custom-made sock order?
We maintain a standard shipment period, between 7 and 10 Business Days. This does not include national holidays. From the time the final art is approved, expect your order to arrive in about 10 days, i.e. dispatch of order and the transit time. We try to employ the best shipping providers like UPS or FedEx. If you have an urgent order, there might be a window for quicker shipping. For such scenarios, please share the order details with us. This might involve additional costing, i.e. Rush Order Fee.

Is there a minimum number of custom socks to order?
We follow the best practices here, ensuring you are leveraged with lower number order processing. Currently, this figure is at 10 units. This means 10 pairs of socks, each bearing the same color, pattern, design, fabric, size options, etc. We don't charge extra based upon the intricacy of an artwork or the number of colors used in a logo. All custom orders are processed at par!

Are there any restrictions on the type of images that we can print?
Largely, NO! We are comfortable with regular, eccentric and even outlandish artwork. We won’t judge you or your taste in fashion or lifestyle. Just ensure the scale/size/format of the artwork file you share with us is in tune with our printing team’s demands. The requirements are rather basic and should not be an issue. You might want to evaluate the image on your own smartphone or PC first. Shadows and dim-light photography do not produce the best results. Our printing personnel are not liable to contact you if they feel the image quality is sub-par. Please note that we owe no liability for any copyrighted image that you share with us.