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We have a 30 DAY No-Questions-Asked Return Policy for

What is the standard RETURN POLICY for made-to-order sock orders?

Please understand that we cannot accept returns/exchanges for custom-made socks. These socks are essentially personalized items, created specifically for you. Therefore, we insist on double-checking your order when making the payment. Please take the time to check-out the images carefully. For any doubts you can reach out to us for a quick answer – Contact Us

What is the standard RETURN POLICY for stocked inventory?
We realize there might be a situation where you are not satisfied with the socks you get. In such cases, please call one of our sock specialists, available via posting a quick query HERE. Seldom do we come across return queries due to the quality of printing or the overall quality of socks delivered. We expect some difference with regards to the product image matching the product you receive. Our customer care officer will help you understand the reason for any deviations from the desired design. For size or fitting-based escalations, we would revisit the order history and if we have not followed the product order, expect a quick refund. 

Can an order be canceled, i.e. before the delivery?
This depends entirely on where your product is in our production chain. Customized sock orders have lesser room for an order adjustment or abandonment. This is because the printing and artwork preparation are done specifically for a short inventory that is meant only for you. In-stock order processing provides windows here but if a product has been packaged and is on the way to be shipped, we cannot recall it.

Refund/Returns at a Glance:

  • You can return any product and seek a full refund/exchange, if the product delivered does not match your order history. This return should be intimated within 7 days of receiving the delivery.
  • Cancellations done within 24 hours of order confirmation have a much higher chance of being quickly approved/processed
  • Items approved for Refunds should be returned in an undamaged, unused state along with the packaging and labels intact.
  • After receiving the returned items, we will get back to you with a confirmation of initiating the exchange or refund
  • We are not responsible for products being stolen, lost or damaged during the Return Shipping
  • Items returned in damaged or used form will not qualify for initiating a refund/exchange. We expect your cooperation in safely returning the item to us.

Will I need to pay for an Exchange/Return (US Order)?
We stand by our promise of free exchanges
Just share what you did not like about our work
You don't need to pay anything for this!
Easy return policies help us understand your mindset and deliver a reality-check on our quality standards

Conditions where items will not qualify for Guarantee/Easy Returns:
Soiled socks/Used items
Items damaged by the buyer
Product damaged due to negligence or misuse
Product returned by someone other than the buyer
Customized socks returned for artwork not as impressive looking as viewed on desktop or mobile