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Privacy Policy

Please note that Design a Sock is a unique online place to explore and buy novelty printed socks. All e-commerce stores are governed by a set of regulations that are essential to understand how data is secured, kept away from phishing and guarded at all times—these are ethical data practice and are now standard to all trusted online platforms that consume or save browser data in any way. This Privacy policy too is essentially a legal document that Design a Sock uses, maintains, and quotes for reference when sharing or revealing information collected from customers.  This Privacy Policy will be applicable on all services offered by this webstore. It will help you better understand all the things that fall in the realm of our policy, each listed systematically with a question and answer below.

If you want to ask something related to our policy standards, please contact us at: mail@designasock.com

What personal details do we gather from customers?
Please note that we are into the business of selling Fashionable Socks, including stock prints and customized socks. Both these product categories require a small buying process where asking for some customer details is inevitable. Design a Sock collects and uses the personal information like name, mailing address, e-mail address, phone number, etc. of customers who visit our website/purchase a product/place an order. Some of these details are also sought from people who connect with us through different social media platforms, via newsletter subscription or when engaging with us directly via emails. As specialists in the niche of Lifestyle Socks, we continue to seek ways to improve our range of services. This is why seeking some customer details as a part of online survey, email campaign or by directly asking for data on the shopping platform itself is common. 

  • Information collected from customers helps us to improve their experience on our website
  • We collect information from customers to keep them updated with the latest trends and discounts
  • Some of this data helps us understand buying tendencies like the preferred price range or type of socks – we use this data analysis by providing easier, direct routing to the most suitable part of the inventory
  • Customer data, such as average time spent on a particular product category, helps us understand what type of socks are consistently failing to meet your expectations
  • Buyer’s data often helps us process transactions quickly and offer our customers the convenience of quicker check-out
  • By tracking browsing behavior, we can provide more relevant product category information for smarter buying decisions

What impersonal details do we gather from customers?
We might collect non-personal information from our clients, such as their browser details, URL of their previously visited websites, ISPs, operating systems, and the customers’ Internet Protocol (IP) Address. This non-personal information cannot be easily used to find out the person’s identity. This data collation does not seek to undermine the confidentiality of any person. It is intended solely for the purpose of bettering the overall buying process and website dynamics of this webstore.

How do we protect our customer’s information?
Design a Sock understands the criticality of consumer data. We undertake the best industry practices to ensure such privileged information is never mishandled or exposed to any palpable risk. Paying attention to ensuring privacy of customer’s data, we have implemented various safety measures, including technical tools and best-in-class backend support to guard personal information. By using our website, customers give us the permission to use his/her details for the delivery of the product or to process their transactions. We also collect information from the customers to improve their shopping experience and to understand their buying preferences. None of this data is leaked or shared for any promotional purposes beyond the ambit of activities pursued by us. We don't share this data with any parties who identity remains hidden or concealed. Whenever our customers place an order, we offer the use of a protected server and information of credit/debit cards of the customers is kept safe by using the latest in online security tools. We are not in the business of sharing this information with any third-party client/vendors/data collators/directories/marketing handles. During the payment processing, you might be prompted about the safety of your browser – again, an initiative just to ensure that your information remains protected at all times.

Can you explain the data security practices a bit more?
We are in the business of creating happy socks and we want to ensure that your happiness is not hampered by any data breaches. Sticking to the most trusted methods of data protection, we have created a protocol for protecting such information. Data related to your address, location, name, or credit card & debit card details Design a Sock demands the highest level of security. This includes data security during transaction processing too. The use of secure socket layer technology (SSL) has helped us provide customers the maximum level of security. Since the method of transmission over the Internet is not always 100% secure, we do not guarantee the absolute security of the customer’s data but we undertake all possible routes of keeping the data protected at all times. We have also used various filters to prevent unauthorized access or accidental loss of customer’s data. Customers can themselves contribute towards the safety of their data by not sharing the password that they had chosen while creating the account on our website to access some parts of the website. We also recommend our customers not to share their personal details that can lead to unauthorized data access. In spite of applying such filters and taking various safety measures, transmission of information via internet cannot be protected at all times. Therefore, we do not take any responsibility/guarantee for the loss/misuse of customers’ personal data.  

Do you have an opt-out option to remove/modify customer data?
We realize that some customers might not want their data to be saved as a part of our data warehousing practices. Some customers don't prefer keeping their data on an online platform while others might want to change it for security purposes. Changing payment details or removing saved payment details is a common preference among online shoppers. We don't inhibit such practices in any way. If customers do not want to share their information with us, they have the liberty of simply opting-out or deleting their account. Registered account holders can edit the information at any point without any questions being asked. This liberty is applicable at the subscription level too where customers can unsubscribe to our emails, add or modify details of their address or remove/change their phone number.

What about changes to Privacy Policy?
We may change or update our Privacy Policy at any time without any clause that compels use to share this update. However, being a customer-focused brand, expect us to inform our registered members about any such changes. Further, some aspects of Privacy Policy are prone to changing often. For instance, data security standards are quickly evolving and we might undertake new practices for ensuring better security protocols. You are requested to visit our policy page occasionally to keep yourself updated about such information. We want to ensure maximum disclosure of our privacy measures but don't promise updating about every change or update in our data privacy regulations.

How can our customers contact us?
Design a Sock welcomes its customers to ask questions. Communication with a brand and its customers is critical for ensuring the consumer mindset is understood, product-related queries are resolved and the provider can better relate with its current and future buyers. We pursue such interactions. Being a lifestyle brand, our sock printing philosophy is guided by what people are most likely to love. We request our customers to interact with us via email, phone or by addressing us on any of our social media platforms. As a browser seeking information about our sock printing, sock customization, packaging or order processing process, you must be willing to share the basic details like your name, email address, phone number, order details if any, followed by the query. The query would be addressed by someone from our customer care team within 5 working days.

Any risk of disclosing customer data to third parties or affiliates?
The privacy of customers is the top-most priority at Design a Sock. Therefore, it provides its customers the following mechanism to ensure customers have more control over their personal data: 
a) Tracking Technologies and Advertising.
Cookies are small files transferred to computers hardware. The cookies help us to better understand the preferences of our customers. If a customer refuses to share the details of its URL they can simply disable, delete, or control the cookies from their computers. For details on how to delete cookies refer aboutcookies.org
b) Customer can also disable the cookies based on their preferences by simply changing the setting on their web browsers. However, if a customer disables the cookies they would not be able to access some parts or feature of a website.

Yes, Design a Sock uses cookies.
Cookies are small files which are transferred to a computer’s hard drives through the web browsers by the service providers. Almost all the websites use cookies to recognize the system and to check the use of website. The use of cookies in our website enables our customers to have more personalized experience and to be secure (in terms of cybercrimes). The cookies also help us to understand the preferences of our customers which further helps us to provide improved services by providing better access to the more relevant features of our website.

Does this Privacy Policy apply when I access 3rd party websites?
This Privacy Policy would not be applicable using a third-party website or a social networking site. We continue to engage with our existing and new customers through various social networking interactions. This includes discussing the latest sock styles, sock prints and latest additions to our inventory trendy socks on social sites like Facebook, twitter, Gmail, or Instagram. It is advisable for the customers to carefully read 3rd privacy policy before sharing any of personal information. We don't recommend any of these service providers or communicate customer data with them.

What about data sharing as a part of Promotional Offers?
Design a Sock might use its customers e-mail addresses to promote its own products or services. Customers have all the rights to simply opt-out by logging into the website or by adjusting certain details or user preferences in the account details section. If you ever receive a promotional e-mail, you can simply send us a return email to unsubscribe to our promotional schemes. At our end, we try to keep the Inbox interactions limited, ensuring you are not overwhelmed by promotional offers. Website-wide data security standards apply to data collected via such mediums.

What about Children-related Privacy Policy?
Design a Sock restricts the use of its website by the children under the age of 18 years. However, if a child wishes to get the designs customized they can use the facilities our website only under the parental guidance or a legal guardian with an age of 18 years or above. In addition, we might delete information or an account from our database which appears to be fake or seems to be originated by a child.    

What about refer-a-friend or relative?
Yes, Design a Sock welcomes its customers from all the corners of the world. Therefore, if you want to contribute to our referral services then you can share some of the personal contact details of your friend or a relative that includes their name, address and email-id. We will automatically contact your friend via one-time email. The information provide by you will be kept safe and will be solely used for sending one-time email and to track the achievement of our referral program.