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We continue to groom our collection of exclusive socks that are hard to find anywhere else!
But being a Sockhouse is more than talking about how we make socks special. It is also about helping you understand this segment, empowering you with information to make a smarter buying decision:

Know Your Sock!

Early Morning Socks: the nomenclature is highly misleading. These are actually night-time socks that you wake up with! Seemingly unimportant when you go to bed, early morning socks form a part of the environment that you witness when you wake-up. Bright colors, animated energy infuse positive vibes and help you beat the early morning lethargy. Must-have for those who find themselves fashionably challenged during the early part of the day!
How do we do this?
Cool Light Bulb Socks that should Help Your Mind Get an Early Start

Limited Edition Socks: not a billionaire boy club membership but something similar. How? These fashionable socks are made with an emphasis on doing things differently. This is not about volumes. Uniquely printed socks with color combinations and designs that perhaps no one attempted before. Limited inventory but in a wide range of sizes. Shop as soon as you spot them, these novelty socks are ideal for updating your wardrobe and have the prowess to be exceptional gifts. Eye-catching without being over-the-top, these sock designs are not meant to become a regular affair!
How do we do this?
Sock for Charity Supports a New Cause Every Month – Own Them with Pride

Athletic Socks: meant for folks who like being on-the-move. The outdoorsy types, perennial travelers, and desk-haters who love moving around…these folks need better than the standard supply of socks. Expect socks that ensure dry, comfortable feet all day long. Extra stretchability, more than usual durability and the ability to fit like a second layer of skin, these traits define our collection of sporty socks made from polyester. Ideal for people who take the time to curate their gym-wear, those who like extra cushioning and when extra compression is in demand. Infinite color combinations, mostly as vibrant as your energy levels!
How do we do this? Ant Print Fun Socks – who could be busier than perennial colony-builders?

Dressed Socks: Some wardrobe staples cannot be argued with no matter how much we want to break free from the rules. However, we do dressed socks differently from others…our emphasis is on making business dressing more relaxed and somewhat playful. Ideal for those who like workplace wear with a bit of zing. Call them must-have socks for everyone out there who needs to dress formally or wear business casuals.
How do we do this? Striped Socks in Conventional Layout with Colored, Anti-drab Lines

Designer Socks: invariably fashionable, never short on inspiration, high on ingenuity, these socks need a special place in your closet. Not regular socks, these are wardrobe essentials and fashion accessories rolled into one. Choose from snugly-fit socks that complement or contrast your footwear choice for the day. Choose socks bear prints that stand apart from the crowd. Assume fashion ramp-like designs, hard to predict and very lovable. We continue to create more sumptuous sock designs for you. Some carry a colored band that is a great way to show off your personal sense of fashion, i.e. that think bar of color between your trousers and shoes that adds a pop of color to your ensemble. These are definitely luxe socks in some seriously bright colors and patterns. Our design philosophy is seldom understated. We like being expressive, a bit chunkier than the usual but the print and patterns work wonderfully for everyday wear or as thoughtful gifts!
How do we do this? Eiffel Tower Print Socks that Symbolize Ramp Capital of the World - Paris

Corporate Gift Socks: we are redefining sock gifting culture. Explore a stylish, very personalized way to create socks that are hard to forget. Custom designed where you choose the patterns, colors, size, fit, design, etc., these socks are meant to be cherished…some are perhaps never worn but saved as a memoir. Holiday Season and promotional gigs usually get us the biggest orders from enthusiastic start-ups and growing corporates that want to reach out and be remembered via their choice of gift!
How do we do this?  Perfect Gifting Socks for the Holiday Season with Christmas Print

The Ultra-creatives: some of our sock designs are a bit too out there, far removed from reality, bordering on eccentricity. With neo-classical to deco-inspired, from Renaissance to wildlife photography, Scandinavian minimalism and images captured as a part of astronomical studies or studying indigenous tribal inspirations, these socks are meant to be artistically expressive. Posh sock pairs, utterly comfortable but the designs are not meant for everyone. Sock with care!
How do we do this? Geometric print socks mated with floral prints, Formal & Artsy

Performance Socks: we are proud owners and creators of this series of socks. It caters to those who understand footwear. Those who are ready to invest time in identifying socks that are placed on a pedestal due to their awesome features such as specially strengthened inner lining or socks that boast of double-reinforced heel section. These are functionally superior socks. Look out for features like reinforced stress zones.
How do we do this? Training Socks for maximum Stretchability, Breathability, Durability

You will always find a ready stock of printed socks, sized differently for men, women and children. Expect great fitting and prints that you just cannot find anywhere else. We insist on socks adding some fun to daily dressing-up. Undeniably soft & cushiony, each of these socks meet and exceed the global standards for quality and creativity. Expect socks with features like reinforced cushion for toe & heel and artistically incorrect prints, high on ingenuity…