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The Take-off
We started with a concept that seemed to brim over with potential but like many people, we played around with the idea of turning entrepreneurs without putting it into execution. At a summit for young entrepreneurs in Bay Area, San Francisco, we realized something – great ideas necessarily don't mean success. There is a grind we must go through - phases of self-doubt, introspection and then picking up yourself again just when things seemed to have turned upside down. By the end of this summit, we were ready to put things in motion.

We took some uncalculated risks, risked ourselves by putting all eggs in one basket – and it worked!
Our vision was simple: people will buy things that turn ordinary, everyday life experiences into something special. With our background in fashion, curating ideas for lifestyle gurus, combined with a common interest in printing mechanics, we felt sure about launching our webstore that did just one thing, i.e. create socks that made people happy!

Getting Better
Today, we have a webstore presence across America and retail at Amazon too. Our business continues to grow without invasive marketing tools. Our quality and craftsmanship have been appreciated. The creativity on display has been acknowledged by our competitors too. Our growing list of recommendation-generated customers continuously interact via limited emails where new designs are updated and shared – you make the final choices and we connect the dots to create socks with a bit of artistry!

Understand What We Do
Sock prints can get dreary, too predictable and this is when socks with boutique prints, themes that have not found mainstream presence yet rise to the occasion. Without compromising on the comfort factor, saying NO to the usual assembly-line production, we are bringing back excitement to the niche of socks. We pride ourselves on delivering a boutique socks buying experience. Let us start with the inventory to choose from – it is quirky, fun, animated and inspired!

Transforming socks from utilitarian must-haves to fashion icons
We believe in quick service as far as exceptional standards for design and durability are not compromised. Our product order processing is quick but we don't chase deadlines to find ourselves falling over the line. Production and shipping are controlled by dedicated teams; we don't leave such essentials to chance or third party vendors. 

Self-expression Mated with Technical Innovation
Defines Our Sock-Creating Process
 We are changing mindsets/perceptions about socks. Most folks tend to pay attention to these humble wardrobe essentials when they are missing a pair, are stuck with mismatched socks or find their pair dirty. We focus on how socks help you create a more satisfying dressing-up experience. Just imagine this, socks that are revealed when you sit down, socks are often evaluated – at that moment, they should be able to convey your taste in fashion…perhaps, hint at your lifestyle preferences or attitude. 

Getting Socks the Attention They Deserve!
There is nothing wrong with standard checkered dress socks but there is always a bigger platter of colors that are unexplored. We present an amazing inventory, a sock option for every outfit you own. Whether you like the more controversial fluorescent pinks or socks with an artwork, we have what it takes to create novelty socks. Whether you like subtle prints, an overdose of an infinite range of hues, or staple color combinations…if there is a sock print that can be attempted, you will find it here. We have over 2,000 unique designs with beautifully captured expressions of dogs and cats along with flag prints. 

Doing Everything Imaginable with Socks
The response gets more interesting every week. We did not know there were dedicated sock collectors and hobbyists out there! We weren’t ready for shoppers who understand sock fabrics so well! We have just started shipping internationally but yes, we are more American than global right now. We are growing our inventory carefully not following the norm of standardizing designs. Every fortnight, our creative team shortlists a list of sock patterns and designs – these sock models ensure that you get the biggest spectrum of color combinations and patterns. We have boutique socks for every style, lifestyle, occasion, or mindset.

What to expect at Designasock.com?
On the outside, we are like usual folks but within our office, we turn into sock specialists. We are fashion enthusiasts, lifestyle curators, designers, style-spotters and trendsetters—all within the niche of socks with happy vibes!

Our webstore consists of an infinite range of novelty socks. Expect every type of sock on this platform. From workplace to athletic socks, everyday wear to fashion socks and special occasion socks, expect luxuriously soft and outlandishly designed socks. While our stock socks address nearly every sock wearing & gifting requirement, we have sock customization services that is getting us some serious attention. Expect to find everything you wanted to know about socks, sock designs, every plausible sock print, and the widest range of sock customization options here. 

Expect some punk, a bit of art, and multi-cultural influences
Expect exclusive socks made from the best-in-segment fabric options. We are inclined towards polyester-based fabrics as they offer maximum stretchability, snug fit and have enviable durability. All standard size socks are mated with refreshing, surprising and sometimes eccentric, creativity. We stay true to our promise of superior fit and better cushioning. Using the best in sock-printing technology, we create precision-rendered, animated themes and color schemes.

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