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We want to be diverse, are stoically unconventional and take pride in doing socks in a manner that has never been done before

Treat your feet with something that promises unconditional love – Happy Socks! Each pair has a unique pattern, a theme hard to find anywhere else. From cheery animals to confetti cones and party decorations, our socks are truly unpredictable. There is only one assurance – you will LOVE them! Not just bohemian, outdoorsy or wildlife-inspired, our sock collection has every imaginable artwork, captured beautifully. The collaborative result of printing experts, sock enthusiasts and visual artists, our printed socks always have a sunny side up. Add some quirkiness to everyday dressing or liberate the artist in you with customized socks, printed for your feet, featuring your favorite text, logo or image!


These game-changing socks are not an afterthought but are borne from the vision of standing apart with enviable printing practices and a vow of not-being-ordinary

Our novelty socks come in countless designs & patterns to give your feet an exciting makeover along with the assurance of using carefully selected materials and fine printing techniques. With carefully assembled quality control measures at every step, our team dedicatedly works with passion and precision. Our lightweight socks are fabricated with soft and durable materials with no-irritation seams to ensure maximum comfort. These breathable socks are perfect for folks on the move. Quick drying and easily stretchable sock fabrics need minimal care. Vibrant colors hold strong while the patterns are invariably enthusiastic, ensuring your feet wear a smile rather than just another pair of socks!

Fast/Free Shipping

We pursue excellence to the last dot…till the pair you ordered, is securely handed over to you

Our creative process does not compromise our ability to process purchase orders quickly. Standard or Bulk, we have the bandwidth to process every order quickly, using our network of logistics providers. Our Shipment Team ensures that the smallest or bigger, institutional-scale orders are handled with equal care, ensuring you get damage-proof packaging and quick delivery. We offer Free Shipping for every order that meets the minimal purchase requirement within the US. We are now shipping internationally too and have collaborated with wholesale buyers across the world. If you have a query about the shipping process, please Contact Us – we always get back with a detailed reply! Please take a moment to read through some of the commonly asked questions about our Shipping Policies.

Sock Gift Sets

We are not promising Perfect Socks but 100% Happiness in Every Pair of Sock – Smiles are Precious!

Expect the best-in-house collection of visually stunning socks along with room for creative custom printed socks. Whether you are a career-chasing individual, mom-at-home or an adventurous soul who cannot get enough of the outdoors, you will enjoy our collection of Sock Gift Sets. Bold colors and funky patterns is what make these gift sets popular for every occasion, mood, season or the preferred pattern, animation & antics. Choose from Valentine’s or Birthday themed sock sets to Anniversary or Christmas gifting socks, including an expanding collection of crew sock hampers for men, women, and children. Explore from a wide range of sock gift packs ready to be gifted at any occasion and are also a budget-friendly souvenir for any moment you want to celebrate. You might want to gift a pair just to help others look at their feet and smile!

Charitable Mission

It is hard to believe but socks are among the most requested clothing/apparel items across homeless shelters in the US

We are working with an expanding number of giving partners across the nation to ensure our business has growing social, community-wide footprints. The path to success incudes our seriousness about charity work. We are serious about giving back to the community regularly and with sustained enthusiasm. Our sock house helps you to get cool pop culture merchandise along with helping those who are in need. We work with non-profits, environmental support groups, literacy program organizations and caregiver volunteers apart from under-served & at-risk communities, sharing everything from our stock of socks to apparels and small funding aids. From sponsoring healthy meals to putting a sock on more pairs of feet, we are trying to donate more. Our company was built from the ground up and the idea of sock donations resonates with our story – everyone needs a helping hand at some point and we try to extend it without bias!